5 Advantages of a Folder Inserter Machine

Nathan Cross December 1, 2023


Meet Sally, an Accounts Payable department manager in the throes of managing a growing company's financial responsibilities. As the company expands, so does the volume of outgoing checks that Sally and her team must send out regularly.  


Sally’s team used to be able to handle the mailing process with ease – folding, inserting, and sending would usually only take them about an hour. But, as her company takes on new clients and vendors, the once easy task has ballooned into a time-consuming 2 to 3 hours of their workday.  

Accounts payable mailing challenges 


Sally's AP team is a dedicated group that manages the financial heartbeat of the company. However, they found themselves grappling with a daunting challenge. The increasing amount of outgoing mail meant that the once simple routine task had become a labor-intensive marathon. Processing mail by hand takes approximately 12 seconds to fold, insert and seal, or 300 envelopes an hour. This can really stack up if mail volumes are high. 

Pitney Relay 2


As the team spent hours manually folding and inserting checks into envelopes, they found ways to make the task fun for themselves. They decided to make each inserting and mailing session a pizza party. While this made the task bearable, the party brought more distractions and side conversations, which led to an increase in mailing errors.


Sally's company was taking on fines because some checks were being sent to the wrong clients, which violated customer privacy. Sally was taking the heat for it from the higher-ups.  


Not only were the errors increasing, but the 2-3 hours spent inserting turned into 3 to 4-hour events, and the team’s core responsibilities and strategic initiatives started to take a back seat.  


Sally wants her team to stay productive, but the mailing of checks is an important part of their department – how else would they get it done?  


Introducing automatic folder inserter machines


Realizing that the status quo was too much to handle, Sally decided to find a better way. Instead of hiring more staff, she did her research. Sally googled, “automatic folder inserter’ and what she found seemed heaven-sent.  


Enter the Pitney Bowes Relay folder inserter – a beacon of hope for Sally and her team. This cutting-edge technology promised to automate the laborious process of folding and inserting documents into envelopes, potentially simplifying their workflow. 


What is a Pitney Bowes folder inserter machine? 

Pitney Relay


Pitney Bowes is a leading provider in the mailing and postage industry, innovating solutions for over 100 years. Their solutions include not only folding and inserting machines, but postage meters, automatic letter openers, addressing software and more. As an official Pitney Bowes business partner, TROY is excited to offer these unique products alongside our catalog of anti-fraud security solutions. 


The Pitney Bowes Relay folder inserter machine folds, inserts, and seals envelopes for you, so you don’t waste precious time doing it yourself. The Relay folder inserter allows you to save valuable time and money while gaining the peace of mind that your communications are assembled accurately and mailed on time. 


The Pitney Bowes Relay folder inserter machine is complete with software that combines efficiency with integrity. The Relay Integrity software allows users to see into the folding and inserting process, letting them add 2D barcodes that the Relay Inserter then reads to assemble variable page mail into the correct envelopes, ensuring private client information is always secure.  


After her company purchased the Relay Inserter for her team to use, Sally noticed her team improving on 5 core levels.  


5 advantages of using a folder inserter machine 


1. Time Savings: 

Time spent on manual folding and inserting was cut down with the Relay folder inserter at the office. What used to be a 3-4 hour daily grind was now reduced to a fraction of the time, freeing up Sally and her team to refocus on essential strategic endeavors. 


2. Enhanced Productivity: 

The Relay Folder Inserter breathed new life into the AP team's productivity. The once tedious and repetitive task of folding and inserting became a streamlined, automated process, allowing Sally's team to get back to the tasks that mattered.  


3. Accuracy and Precision: 

The precision of the Relay folder inserter machine got rid of the risk of errors in the folding and inserting process. Sally could now rest assured that her team's outgoing communications maintained the high standards necessary for financial documentation. 


4. Scalability: 

As the company continued to grow, the Relay folder inserter machine seamlessly adapted to increasing mail volumes. Its scalable design ensured that Sally's team could handle the expanding workload without sacrificing efficiency. 


5. Cost Savings: 

Beyond the immediate time savings, the Relay folder inserter brought about significant cost reductions. The investment proved to be not just a technological upgrade but a strategic move toward long-term financial efficiency.  


Simplify your processes with Pitney Bowes and TROY


Sally's journey with Pitney Bowes Relay Folder Inserters is a testament to the transformative power of automation in the realm of accounts payable. By alleviating the burden of manual folding and inserting, the Pitney Bowes Relay Folder Inserter has empowered Sally's team to reclaim their time, refocus on strategic tasks, and navigate the company's growth with enhanced efficiency. For AP managers like Sally, the Pitney Bowes Relay Folder Inserter isn't just a machine; it's a catalyst for success in the dynamic world of financial management. Aligned with TROY's secure check and document printing solutions, your business will run like a well-oiled machine. 

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