HP Wolf Security: HP’s Most Advanced Printer Security

Nathan Cross March 29, 2024


Endpoint devices have become a prime target for cyber criminals. Often overlooked by businesses of all sizes, printers pose a significant security risk for both on-site and remote workforces. According to Quocirca’s 2023 Global Print Security Landscape Report, only 19% of IT professionals see printers as a security risk, but 61% suffered data losses from unsecure print devices.

The rise of hybrid and remote work models have further increased this vulnerability. A recent Forbes report highlights that nearly a third of employees still worked in a hybrid model in 2023. This underscores the importance of implementing a robust endpoint security strategy that incorporates Zero-Trust principles to safeguard organizations against ever-more-sophisticated cyberattacks. 



Enhanced Printer Security Features 


HP Wolf Security provides hardware-enforced security and robust security features that are built into each printer, preventing unauthorized access and strengthening your system's defenses against both established and novel threats that may emerge throughout your printer's lifespan.  


These features are designed to uphold Zero Trust principles at network endpoints, ensuring rigorous user authentication and validation. HP printers automatically self-heal, recover, and mitigate malware, phishing, and ransomware attacks, and provide the following award-winning features: 


  • HP Sure Start safeguards the printer's BIOS integrity and enables automatic recovery from potential attacks, streamlining security processes and minimizing IT intervention. It achieves this by guaranteeing that only digitally signed and authorized firmware, from HP or trusted partners, can be installed on the device. This layered approach defends against unauthorized firmware modifications. 

  • Printers are particularly susceptible to attacks when they are operational, even in sleep mode. To combat this vulnerability, HP Memory Shield™ employs a combination of hardware-based runtime intrusion detection and control flow integrity to continuously monitor the printer's memory and execution flow for suspicious activity. This includes identifying alterations that might be indicative of zero-day attacks, where hackers exploit security weaknesses before they can be patched. In the event of a malware or zero-day attack, Memory Shield can automatically isolate and neutralize the threat, preventing further damage. 

  • HP Connection Inspector safeguards your network by actively monitoring outbound printer connections for any irregularities. For instance, it can detect unusually high volumes of Domain Name Service (DNS) packets emanating from the printer, which could signal an attempt by malicious actors to gain unauthorized access to confidential data. These events are documented and can be investigated using existing Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) tools, providing valuable insights into printer-specific security threats. 

Secure Cartridges You Can Trust 


As an added layer of print security, Original HP office print cartridges contain tamper-resistant, proprietary firmware that helps prevent modification from third parties after production and helps reduce the risk of malicious code entering the cartridge chip. Hackers can reprogram the chips on third-party cartridges to infiltrate businesses, infect their networks, and get into systems in ways that no one would expect. Inserting a third-party cartridge into your business printer is just as risky as inserting an unknown USB drive into a PC – and you would never do that. You can trust Original HP cartridges. 

Going Above and Beyond 

Going beyond standard penetration and vulnerability testing, HP launched the industry's first Printer Bug Bounty program in 2018. This program collaborates with a global network of ethical hackers, leveraging their expertise to uncover potential security weaknesses in HP devices. These white hat hackers continuously search for and identify vulnerabilities in firmware, devices, and network communications before HP products are released.


Risk and Compliance Management 



Ensuring strong security and compliance is essential for maintaining business operations. HP Security Manager is the Print industry’s only comprehensive policy-based printer security compliance tool. It streamlines the process of customizing and deploying security policies, as well as managing, assessing, and correcting device configuration settings across HP printer fleets. A key feature of HP Security Manager that is crucial for both zero trust implementation and overall security compliance is its ability to manage device certificates while simultaneously evaluating firmware vulnerabilities across all devices within a fleet. This can all be accomplished from a single, user-friendly server-based tool. 

HP Wolf Pro Security, integrated into HP's professional-grade printers, caters to hybrid work environments and the need for a reduced business printing footprint at home. This solution offers a range of secure default printer settings and complements our existing security management features available for our enterprise-class single and multifunction devices. 


HP Wolf Security Services 


HP Professional Security Advisory Services leverages a team of certified security specialists and skilled print and PC technicians to provide a comprehensive suite of services. These services include:  

  • Evaluating the security posture of customers' unique printing and device environments. 
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of global print and PC security policies and governance strategies. 
  • Addressing compliance requirements.
  • Developing and implementing security plans. 
  • Providing ongoing management.
  • Proactively identifying vulnerabilities in defenses. 

By offering these services, HP Professional Security Advisory Services alleviates the burden on security and IT teams of planning, implementing, and maintaining robust security across their printing, PC, and collaboration infrastructure. 

For businesses seeking secure, virtual private cloud printing infrastructure, HP’s Managed Print Cloud Services (MPCS) provides robust, turn-key cloud-based printing infrastructure that features the latest cloud security capabilities and best practices and workflow optimization for companies of all sizes. 


Trust TROY and HP For a Secure Printing Solution 





As an HP OEM partner for the past 30 years, TROY knows that the importance of a secure print environment cannot be understated. We’re passionate about security, and our mission is to help you achieve it, to the highest standard. Whether it’s standard office printing with HP LaserJet printers, or secure check printing with TROY’s secure MICR printers which are built around a standard HP printer, we can help you implement and secure the right solution for your business. 


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