Printer Tray Locks Enhance Security And Prevent Paper Theft



There are significant advantages to printer tray locks; most importantly, it’s crucial that the locks are engineered and fitted for each respective model. A tailored printer tray lock enhances printer security, reduces theft of paper stock, and decreases chain of custody protocols.

Locking paper trays can be purchased as stand-alone accessories for certain models, as is the case with HP Printers. You can also purchase Security Printers with added tray locks, or MICR Printers with tray locks designed specifically to safeguard check stock.

TROY printers with locking trays offer additional security with tray shielding to prevent access to paper stock from the printer. Here are a few other scenarios we’ve encountered, based on actual client cases.¹

Protecting Transcript, Diploma, and Copy Paper at Universities

Transcript and diploma security stock is extremely valuable to fraudsters running diploma mills; estimated to be a multi-million dollar global problem. In the wrong hands, fake diplomas can give power and rights to people who do not have the proper education to hold such positions. Failure to secure valuable stock can result in harm to your school’s image and the confidence students have in your institution.

If your facility is watching every penny, and we know you are, protecting plain copy paper can be extremely cost effective for a university, as well. One study found there is roughly a 16% discrepancy between paper supplies depleted and printer page count. This means paper is being removed from the printer, and not through printing. We calculated that a facility with 16,000 students could squander approx. $20,000² a year in the computer print labs.

Deploying printers with locking trays can help your educational facility save money protecting everyday copy paper, and ensure transcript and diploma stock are not fraudulently misused.


Securing Prescriptions when Plain Paper is Not an Option

For healthcare facilities in states which require preprinted prescription paper, locking paper trays have many advantages:

  • Safeguard prescription stock from theft and misuse.
  • With tray shielding, Rx stock is even safe if theft is attempted with the tray locked.
  • Reduce chain of custody protocols and give your staff more time for their most important tasks; patient satisfaction.

In today’s world, filled with fraud and drug abuse, it’s important to be proactive. Don’t wait until you notice prescription stock is missing. Or worse, a death happens as a result of Rx stock theft from your facility. While not mandated, don’t you think you owe it to your facility, its patients, and shareholders to safeguard their value in your brand! The fines your facility will face, along with the lack of confidence, can be detrimental.


High Value Stock is a Breeding Ground for Information Misuse

“Document fraud, money laundering and the online trade in illicit goods and services are the engines of organized crime. These cross-cutting criminal threats enable and facilitate most, if not all, other types of serious and organized crime.”   –Europol, 2017

On the black market, security stock for breeder documents is highly valuable. Birth certificate stock. Temporary IDs. Passports. Customs paperwork. All of it leads to serious and organized crime, which includes human trafficking, sale of counterfeit goods, identity theft, and so on….

If you can start changing the face of fraud, simply by locking-down security stock, we are a great starting point. Whether you work in a centralized or decentralized environment, we can provide the right solutions, and as a HP Partner, our solutions are backed by the world’s most secure printers. Newer models feature technology to stop an attack on the printer, and some models feature self-healing security.

Locking Trays Lock Out Paper Theft


Here at TROY, we specialize in document security which means our printers not only print some pretty important documents, but we must have a way for clients to secure their paper stock. In some cases, they’re simply reducing theft of everyday copy paper, and for others they are protecting high value paper. A one-size-fits-all approach is insufficient since banks, governments, universities, and citizens rely on the confidence and quality we provide.

Not sure where to start? Our knowledgeable security specialists can help. Contact us today! 


Beyond the Paper Tray – Complete Security for the Printed Piece

For all types of organizations looking to protect the printed information, over and above the security stock itself, we offer a complete, high security solution. We empower organizations to add overt, covert, layered and personalized security to documents, at the point of print, utilizing our hardware, software, and security ink solutions. This total solution creates smart, fraud-resistant security. When augmented with digital authentication and smart serialization, printed information becomes tamper-resistant and difficult for even the most sophisticated fraudsters to replicate.


¹Client names and distinguishable attributes are kept private for security purposes.
²16% is based on a survey of ten (10) four year colleges throughout the United States. $20,000 is based on 16,000 students printing 800 pages per year with a paper cost of $.01 per page.


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