Remote Check Printing: A Backup Disaster MICR Printer Prevents Downtime and Provides Relief

TROY Group, Inc. March 26, 2020

When disaster strikes, it’s smart to be prepared for any situation. Employees might be working from home for a prolonged period. Or you may need to deliver much needed financial relief to clients in the field. Any downtime to business can only lead to a bigger disaster. No outgoing checks means late payments to vendors and unpaid, unhappy employees and clients. We are here to help you keep your check printing processes running smoothly and efficiently.

While Working Remotely, Give Your Employees the Ability to Print Checks Securely

In emergency situations, business may not be able to function in a normal manner. Disruptions to service lines might happen or employees may be forced to work from home. In these scenarios you want to make sure that your business operates as normal with no gaps in security, especially when it comes to your check printing process. We want to help make sure your accounts payable and HR departments can print checks to ensure on-time payments and pay employees – no matter where their office is located.

Plan B Bundle for Remote Work

A Plan B Small Business MICR Printer Bundle gives you everything you need to print checks at home. This bundle includes:

  • TROY M404n MICR Printer
  • An additional MICR Toner Secure cartridge
  • 1 ream of blank check stock

TROY 404n MICR Printer

This printer is designed for low-level check printing and is ideal for small or medium-sized office environments, such as a home office.

  • Print Speed: up to 40ppm
  • Input Tray: holds 100 sheets multipurpose/250 sheets standard
  • MICR Toner Yield: 3000 (standard yield)/10,000 (high yield)

The ability make payments on time and keep employees happy and paid while in a home office environment can alleviate some of the stress in the event of a disaster.

During Times of Disaster, Your Clients Need an On-Site Check Printing Solution

In the case of insurance agents, be your clients’ hero during these times of disaster. Provide fast relief to those affected by tropical storms, wild fires, flooding, or general calamity with the ability to print claims checks on-demand, in the field.

Disaster Recovery Bundles

The following bundles have been chosen due to their portability. Both feature TROY MICR inkjet technology which is reliable and secure. You can also reduce the theft risks associated with preprinted stock with these blank check stock options.

Each bundle includes:

  • 1 TROY MICR Printer
  • An additional MICR ink cartridge
  • 1 ream of blank check stock

TROY Mobile 200 MICR Bundle – Battery Powered

Weighing only 9 pounds, the Mobile 200 is compact, lightweight printer can be easily transported, allowing users to print virtually anywhere.

  • Print Speed: 7ppm battery; 22ppm
  • Input Tray: holds 50 checks
  • Power: Battery or AC adapter
  • MICR Ink Yield: 200 (standard yield)/600 (high yield)

Get your clients back on their feet faster by printing claims checks on-site in times of need.

Be Prepared for any Disaster that May Occur

Dealing with a natural disaster is never easy. However, it is important to have a plan in place for your business to continue running and avoid any additional headaches. Whether your employees are working remotely, or you need to deliver payments to clients quickly, be sure you can print checks securely.

Please know that we are here to help. If you have any questions, please contact us at or call our Customer Care Team at 304-232-0899. You can also view other bundles by visiting our online shop.

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