Security and Speed: TROY's High Volume Production Print Lineup

Nathan Cross March 8, 2024


Efficiency and security are crucial in fast-paced business settings, especially for companies or departments that are printing a large number of checks and documents. All businesses need good printers for high-quality printing, but keeping important documents safe can be challenging. With check fraud on the rise, particularly due to check washing techniques, securing high volumes of checks is paramount.

The Need for High-Volume Check and Document Printers


Businesses across various industries, including finance, healthcare, and government sectors just to name a few deal with a high volume of sensitive documents daily. These documents often include checks, invoices, statements, and other transactional materials that demand precision and security. Printing many documents needs strong printers that work well without sacrificing quality. However, printing in high volume comes with risks.

With each day in the new year, the threat of check or document fraud grows more and more prevalent. Check fraud has skyrocketed, expected to hit 24 Billion in losses by several industry professionals. You might be asking – isn’t check fraud outdated? How are people still forging or committing fraud with checks? 


The answer lies in the sophistication of fraudulent techniques such as check washing, a threat that underscores the vital importance of employing advanced, security-focused printing solutions in safeguarding sensitive financial transactions.


The Threat of Check Washing in 2024




Check washing is a crime where criminals alter a check to use it for fraud. They remove important information like the amount and payee, and sometimes accounting and routing numbers at the bottom of the check with household chemicals so the cash goes straight into their accounts. Movies like "Catch Me If You Can" have depicted this tactic, but the problem is growing in the modern era. Check washing accounts for $815 Million in losses each year, according to a recent report by the Better Business Bureau. 

Criminals have taken this tactic out of obscurity and into the new age and are trying it more and more, successfully stealing from businesses and consumers alike.

If checks or documents are stolen, nothing stops a fraudster from making the funds their own. With businesses that need to print large quantities of checks at high volume, the risk of check washing is even more of a risk. So how do we stop it?™


TROY's Lineup: Setting the Standard for Security


TROY has a solution that takes high-volume printing and security and molds them into one. TROY offers top production printers through our Konica Minolta partnership - the TROY AccurioPress MICR series, perfect for high-volume printing.


Before, TROY's production lineup only consisted of the TROY 6136P MICR AccurioPress, but it now includes a wider range of printers for more diverse printing needs: the TROY 6272, 7120, and 7136P AccurioPress MICR production printers have all been added to TROY's arsenal. 


With an expanded product lineup, we provide diverse solutions that accommodate a range of customer needs and budgets. From streamlined options to more advance automation offerings, our lineup ensures accessibility without compromising on print security. With these new additions, TROY now has the most complete lineup of production printers than any other company. 

The TROY AccurioPress MICR series has TROY's security features to protect against tampering, like check washing, to keep printed checks secure.


Unmatched Security: 

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) is an essential technology for check printing so banking machines can read characters without manual data entry. However, standard MICR toner does not protect against check washing. TROY’s MICR Toner Secure utilizes TROY’s patented anti-tamper technology, which releases a red dye any time chemical alteration is attempted on a check. TROY is the only company in the world with this technology.

MICR Toner Secure is formulated with high adhesion, guaranteeing that check prints meet the stringent standards of the American Banking Association, so fees and penalties for poor MICR quality or low readability are never a worry.



Unrivaled Performance and Reliability:

Apart from its exceptional security features, TROY's production printers deliver unmatched performance and reliability. These printers are engineered to handle high-volume printing tasks, ranging anywhere from 3 million to over 6 million prints a month, depending on the model. Thanks to their robust hardware and efficient workflow management capabilities, The AccurioPress MICR series is able to handle these types of jobs with ease. 

Whether it's printing thousands of checks or producing complex documents, TROY's printers excel in speed, accuracy, and consistency, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Customer Satisfaction:

TROY's commitment to excellence has earned it widespread recognition and praise from customers and industry experts alike. Just take a look at our client RK+, a print shop in France who were using cheap remanufactured toner cartridges in conjunction with much smaller desktop printers to print checks. RK+ utilized the TROY 6136P MICR AccurioPress which gave them a solution that could deliver high quality and high security checks they needed to produce at scale.


The TROY AccurioPress MICR series isn’t just hardware. Each printer in the lineup can be equipped with TROY software that helps you securely print checks, checkbooks, or even secure other printed documents. 

TROYedit Software: With TROYedit software, you can easily create custom print sequences for complex print jobs such as checkbooks.
AssurePay Check: AssurePay Check software enables large businesses and organizations to print, audit, and secure their entire check printing workflow through the cloud.

SecureDocs Sentry: Protect your printed documents from alteration attempts with layered, customizable security features with TROY SecureDocs Sentry.


Secure Your High Volume Print Jobs with TROY


In the realm of high-volume check and document printing, TROY's lineup of production printers stands out as the gold standard for security, performance, and reliability. With a steadfast dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, TROY continues to redefine the landscape of secure printing solutions, empowering businesses to streamline their operations while safeguarding their most valuable assets—their data and documents. 

When it comes to protecting sensitive information and maintaining operational excellence, TROY printers are the clear choice for businesses seeking the best in high-volume printing technology.


Check out our full lineup of production print solutions here. 

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