TROY Locking Printers Lock Out Paper Theft

TROY Group, Inc. August 14, 2020

Here at TROY, we specialize in document security, which means our printers print some important documents. But clients also need a way to secure their paper stock. In some cases, they’re simply reducing theft of everyday copy paper. For others, they are protecting high-value paper.

Get an Extra Level of Security

Pharmacies, universities, and government offices all print sensitive documents – like prescriptions, transcripts, diplomas, and birth certificates. At the same time, their printers are often located in spaces where anybody has access to them. This makes it easier for high-value paper stock to be stolen.

Without the proper security measures in place to protect high-value paper stock, there is a greater risk of fraud. This can lead to severe financial loss, harm to their reputation, and a loss in customer’s confidence. In some cases, stolen paper stock can be used in criminal activities, such as identity theft.

Our new video details how our Locking Printers utilizes custom-fit, paper tray locks and metal shielding to keep paper stock well protected.

To add a higher level of protection, please contact us at or call our Customer Care Team at 304-232-0899.

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