TROY Strengthens Community Bonds with Charitable Donations in 2023

Nathan Cross December 11, 2023

In an exemplary demonstration of corporate social responsibility, TROY Group, a leading provider of financial document security and software solutions, has recently reaffirmed its commitment to community welfare through generous donations to various local organizations in the Ohio River Valley for the year 2023. The company's benevolent contributions are aimed at supporting vital community services and enhancing the well-being of residents facing challenges.


TROY Group's Ongoing Commitment:


Year after year, TROY Group consistently endeavors to give back to the community by supporting a diverse range of organizations dedicated to uplifting individuals and families in need. The company's commitment extends across various sectors, encompassing organizations focused on aiding families with financial struggles, assisting children with disabilities, and more. TROY firmly believes in the transformative power of collective action and actively supports initiatives that promote inclusivity, resilience, and community well-being.


Current Fundraising Campaign:


Throughout the month of December, TROY Group is actively involved in raising funds for The Salvation Army, a global force serving local communities with unwavering dedication. The Salvation Army's multifaceted services, including food distribution, emergency shelter, and social services, provide crucial relief to those in crisis. To contribute to this meaningful cause, interested individuals can visit TROY Group's virtual kettle on their fundraising page for The Salvation Army: 


Contributions to Local Organizations:


Apart from The Salvation Army, TROY Group has made substantial donations to several other noteworthy organizations in 2023:

Youth Services Systems, Inc :

A non-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive services to at-risk youth and their families, focusing on counseling, education, and community engagement.
Catholic Charities, West Virginia:

An established organization working to alleviate poverty and aid individuals and families in need through services such as food assistance, housing support, and various social services.

The Children's Home of Wheeling:

A residential facility and community-based service provider focused on the well-being of children and families, offering programs to ensure safety, stability, and healthy development.

Augusta Levy Learning Center: Dedicated to providing educational services for children with autism spectrum disorders, emphasizing early intervention, individualized education, and support for families.

St. John’s Home for Children: Providing refuge for children facing challenging circumstances, offering residential care, counseling, and support services to help children overcome difficulties and build a foundation for a brighter future.

YMCA, Wheeling: A community-focused organization providing programs and services including fitness, recreation, childcare, and community development, playing a vital role in promoting health and well-being.

Aimee Orum, Vice President of Human Resources at TROY Group, expressed the company's dedication to creating positive and lasting change in the local community. She stated, "These donations reflect our dedication to creating a positive and lasting change in the areas where we live and work. We are thrilled to extend our support to these outstanding organizations that work tirelessly to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in our community."

TROY Group's philanthropic initiatives exemplify the positive influence businesses can have on their communities. By actively participating in charitable endeavors, the company not only strengthens its bond with the local community but also sets an inspiring example for others to follow.

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