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TROY Group, Inc. October 6, 2022

Printer Security

Printer Risks and Vulnerabilities

When it comes to security risks, printers are an overlooked part of any organization’s workflow. It may come as a surprise, but less than 2% of printers in use are secure from hackers. By using an unsecured printer, you are creating the perfect entry point for data breaches and putting your organization in harm’s way.

Your network, data, and intellectual property are all accessible to criminals through an unsecured printer. Some of the most common attacks you should be aware of are physical attacks, wireless hacking, remote attacks, old protocols that can be easily exploited, commonly used hacking tools, and misconfigured devices that can be taken advantage of. Download our printer security whitepaper for a detailed explanation of these attacks and how to prevent them.


Don’t Chance a Security Breach

Any network-connected device can have multiple security vulnerability points. While IT administrators put plenty of time and effort into ensuring that these other devices are secure, they may fail to secure a network-connected printer for any number of reasons.

The reality is that printers are just at risk of hacking as any other network-connected device. Printers have a direct line to a business’s network; this is often overlooked leaving you vulnerable to a security breach.


Outdated Firmware and Security

Any piece of technology is going to have “bugs” or vulnerabilities. That is a fact of dealing in a more technological civilization. While many organizations have a policy in place to address these vulnerabilities, they often only include computers, phones, and other devices, leaving printers behind.

Knowing the status of your printer’s firmware is an important first step in improving security. When was the last time it was updated? Is the printer even supported with new firmware updates? Or has the printer been marked “end of life”? Performing an assessment of your printer fleet that addresses these questions can reveal hidden issues. This assessment can be performed in-house by your IT professionals, but it could be more beneficial to bring in outside experts who will be free of bias.

If you are using a printer that is 5-10+ years old, you have one of the biggest security gaps sitting right in your office. An archaic printer is unsupportable, non-compliant, grossly unsecure, and we would go as far as saying it is one of, if not the, biggest security gaps on your network.


Improve Your Printer Security

If you’re looking to really improve your printer security, download our whitepaper. Here you will find, in far more detail, the steps you should take to improve your printer security. For now, there are three actions you can take immediately to help improve your printer security.

  1. Consult with an expert to assess your current risks
  2. When you buy anything, ensure that you buy with security in mind
  3. Strengthen and maintain your security printer features and firmware


About TROY

TROY Group, Inc. is a worldwide leader of secure payment and security solutions. TROY offers secure hardware, software and specialty consumables required for making digital payments, printing checks, and printing secure documents. TROY is the only manufacturer of MICR Toner Secure™, the World’s Most Fraud Resistant MICR Toner™, a patented technology, which protects checks from fraud with an anti-tamper security feature. Customers include the top U.S. banks, key government and insurance accounts, and businesses of all sizes.

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