Avoiding the Snare of Fraud: Uncover the Risks of Unsecure Check Stock

Nathan Cross July 19, 2023

In the vast and mysterious world of the ocean, sharks lurk beneath the surface, posing unknown risks and dangers to those who venture too close. Similarly, the financial service industry has its own hidden threats in the form of unsecured check stock, which can ensnare businesses and consumers in the ruthless jaws of fraud. However, just as there are measures to safeguard against shark attacks, the introduction of TROY Group check locking trays offers a watertight solution to this growing problem. 

And how quickly is this problem growing? According to statistics, check fraud is expected to grow by 50% and hit the $24 billion mark in 2023.
6 in 10 businesses in the financial service sector reported activities related to check fraud, and 84% of banks reported incidents of check fraud.

These frightening statistics highlight the hidden dangers associated with unsecured check stock and how sharks exploit them to bite chunks out of the financial services industry

The Perils of Unsecure Check Stock 

Unsecure check stock refers to checks that lack appropriate security features, making them vulnerable to fraudulent activities. These risks are amplified due to technological advancements, as fraudsters have become increasingly adept at replicating checks, perpetrating unauthorized transactions, and compromising the financial security of both individuals and businesses in the financial services industry. 

  • Counterfeiting: This refers to the development of check replicas that can easily pass for legally issued or printed checks. Unsecured check stocks are easily replicated, leaving businesses and individuals susceptible to counterfeit checks. Fraudsters can manipulate and copy check details, including the account name, number, and even genuine signatures. This can result in substantial financial losses and reputational damage. 
  • Alteration: Unprotected checks can be tampered with, enabling criminals to modify the amount, recipient, or other critical information. By doing so, they can divert funds intended for legitimate recipients into their own pockets, leaving victims facing significant financial setbacks. 
  • Account takeover: The absence of advanced security features on unsecured checks opens the door to account takeovers. Fraudsters can intercept checks during transit or even gain access to account details, allowing them to forge checks or steal funds directly from unsuspecting account holders.

TROY Group Check Locking Trays: A Shield Against Fraud 

Recognizing the need for enhanced security measures, TROY Group has introduced check locking trays as a game-changing solution in the fight against fraud. These trays provide an additional layer of protection for financial institutions, businesses, and individuals that print checks, drastically reducing the risk of falling victim to fraud related to the manipulation or alteration of unsecured check stock. The locking tray security features include: 

  • Secure Design: TROY's check locking trays are designed to securely hold check stock during distribution, transportation, and storage. These tamper-evident trays safeguard each check, making it considerably difficult for fraudsters to duplicate or manipulate them. 
  • Deter Internal and External Fraud: By incorporating unique security features, such as holograms, heat-reactive inks, and watermarks, TROY Group check locking trays act as a visible deterrent to potential fraudsters from both ends of the spectrum – fraudulent internal employees or external hackers. These advanced technologies make the replication and alteration of checks infeasible, safeguarding financial transactions and preserving the integrity of both businesses and individuals. 
  • Seamless Implementation: Introducing TROY's check-locking trays to existing check printing processes is seamless. Financial institutions and businesses can integrate them into their workflows without major disruptions, ensuring a smooth transition towards higher levels of security. We also provide extensive after-sales support to ensure you get your lock tray functioning optimally when required. 


MICR-Toners – Printing Secure Checks 

In scenarios where additional security is required to secure checks, choosing to use MICR-toners to print your checks adds extra layers of security to the financial service sector. In fact, the Federal Reserve and all banks require that checks are printed using MICR toners. Hence printing your checks with anti-tamper MICR toners and securing them with locking trays ensures a fraud-resistant system for your payment processes.  


Much like the unsuspecting swimmer caught in the path of a shark, the financial service industry faces significant risks from the use of unsecured check stock. Recognizing the ever-evolving tactics of fraudsters, industry leaders like TROY Group have stepped in to provide innovative solutions to deter fraud. The introduction of TROY Group check locking trays provides an effective means of safeguarding financial transactions, reducing the risk of counterfeiting, alteration, and account takeovers. Ensuring the security of your checks in the financial industry is vital to mitigating fraud risks and protecting the trust that underpins our financial systems. To learn more about TROY Group Locking Trays, speak to an expert today. 

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