TROY Trends: Combat Fraud

What's the Difference Between Printer Toner and Drum Unit?

Toner cartridges are a critical component of any laser printer, and the choice between an all-in-one, single-component cartridge and dual-component cartridges can significantly..

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What is a Breeder Document?

Identity fraud is a persistent threat in our digital age, and criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods, but there is one type of physical document..

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Accounts Payable

Is Your AP Process Secure? 4 Best Practices for B2B Payments

Can your accounts payable transactions be classified as business-to-business (B2B) payments? The answer is yes. Your vendors or suppliers run businesses of their own and your..

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Accounting fraud

ACH and Check Payment Fraud: 5 Ways to Prevent and Reduce Risks

Here are some surprising statistics on checks. According to global data, the average person in the United States receives and sends 30 checks annually. . This is almost twice more..

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Ghostly Blank Stock Protects from the Dangers of Preprinted Checks

As the Halloween season creeps closer, businesses should be on high alert for a different kind of fright lurking in the financial shadows: the eerie dangers of using preprinted..

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Spooky Tricks of Cheap MICR: If It Doesn’t Bleed Red, It’s Not Secure

Have you checked your office for any haunting apparitions lately? You probably won't find any (unless you're using a legacy printer) but, there may be something lurking that's far..

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Legacy Printers: Why They're Still Haunting Us Without Latest Security

As Halloween approaches, it's time to delve into a spooky topic that haunts offices and homes alike –legacy printers. These old relics of the past may not be as terrifying as a..

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