Blank Check Printing Software Reduces Your Risk of Check Fraud

TROY Group, Inc. May 17, 2018

Check fraud is the number one form of payment fraud. But utilizing blank check printing software is your first step to keeping your organization protected.

Outdated blank check printing software, especially if it does not have positive pay functionality, can further increase your risk.

Security & Reporting Prevent & Detect Check Fraud

AssurePay check printing software by TROY has up-to-date security and robust reporting features to help you prevent and detect fraud. Featuring positive pay and integration with your house database, AssurePay verifies the presented payment to prevent duplication and helps eliminate manual entry errors. Auditing and reporting features help to ensure internal or external misuse is found before it becomes a larger issue.

Create. Authorize. Print.

Streamline your check printing process with the ability to create, authorize, and print on blank checks from within your own accounting system. With AssurePay, a MICR check printer, and MICR toner you can print all check elements, including the MICR line and a digital signature. This frees up time for authorized signers to focus on tasks most important to your business.

Check requests are created, core applications encrypt files, requests are approved and digitally signed, secure checks are printed, and positive pay files are generated. It’s that simple.

Make the Move to Blank Check Stock

By switching to blank check stock, you eliminate chain of custody protocols, logging and auditing of checks, and the risk of accidentally printing on sequential numbered check stock. The larger issue is that preprinted check stock is a theft and security risk.

The Complete Solution will Save You Time & Reduce Your Risk

AssurePay is only part of the complete solution. TROY also manufacturers secure MICR printers backed by HP’s world’s most secure printer technology to detect, prevent and correct malicious intent accessed through your printer. When paired with TROY MICR Toner Secure, with tamper-resistant technology, you get a complete, reliable solution that helps you prevent check fraud.

The threat of check fraud is real. The solution is simple. Contact a TROY rep today.

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