Fraud-Resistant Check Printing Solutions at the Ohio Valley Oil & Gas Expo

TROY Group, Inc. April 17, 2018

TROY will showcase secure check printing solutions to make the fraudsters look like clowns

75% of finance professionals reported their organization was exposed to check fraud¹. At the Ohio Valley Oil & Gas Expo in St. Clairsville, OH, April 25th, we’ll be showcasing fraud and tamper resistant check printing solutions to keep your organization protected from check fraud, even for your agents printing checks on-site.

We have a dedicated team of document security experts who will be on-site to help businesses understand the importance of secure check printing solutions.

You Print a Lot of Checks. Make Attempted Fraudsters Look like Clowns.

Check fraud is no laughing matter, especially when checks are still the primary target for fraud. While companies might be looking for low-cost solutions for check printing, it can end up costing them more in the long run.

Stop by the TROY booth, in the indoor expo hall, to see the TROY Total Check Printing Solution which enables organizations’ to print secure checks on blank check stock. Making the switch to blank stock (checks which are not preprinted with routing, account and company information) is the first step to decreasing your fraud risk.

The Total Check Printing Solution is comprised of:

1. Secure TROY MICR Printers with password protection and locking technology to prevent unauthorized access to check printing or photocopying of checks, plus additional encryption/decryption to protect payments being transmitted. Additional security features, such as TROYMark, are included on checks to make tampering even more difficult. Plus, TROY Printers are backed by HP technology to keep hackers from accessing your network through the printer.

2. TROY MICR Toner Secure features high adhesion to guarantee consistent character quality and readability at the bank, plus a covert dye bleeds red if chemical alteration of the check is attempted.

3. AssurePay Check Printing Software features tracking and auditing, along with full reporting, positive pay, and more, to guarantee the uniqueness of a printed payment and ensure even clerical mistakes are easy to resolve before they become an issue.

4. Blank Check Stock offers the latest technology to prevent fraudulent copying, alteration, and counterfeiting while complying with requirements for check imaging and clearing. Plus, it further reduces your risk of check fraud if theft of the stock occurs, as it’s basically just security paper with no pertinent bank information.

5. Security Fonts and Digital Signatures make one-pass printing on blank check stock easier and more cost effective than preprinted stock. TROY Security Fonts are custom created for each specific printer model and are difficult to forge. Digital signatures free-up time spent hand-signing checks and include security to ensure only authorized access.

Secure Check Printing Even in the Field

The TROY 200 Mobile MICR Printer is just what your organization needs if you’re printing checks in the field. Equipped with TROY MICR Ink, the Mobile 200 is lightweight and features a long battery life. No longer do your fields reps need to carry check stock with preprinted bank information. This robust printer compacts easily into a briefcase or backpack and prints 20 pages per minute. With high quality TROY MICR Ink, checks cannot be altered as the ink seeps into the check stock making alteration practically impossible.

Locate the Clown Shoes. That’s Where We’ll Be.

We will be located in the indoor arena with TROY MICR Printers on demo and tamper-resistant samples. Stop by and talk with our check printing experts to see if it’s time to upgrade to better security.

Not going to the Oil & Gas Expo, but want to learn more about our solutions? Contact us at 304-232-0899, email, or visit our website

¹2018 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey Report. J.P. Morgan.

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