Ghostly Blank Stock Protects from the Dangers of Preprinted Checks


As the Halloween season creeps closer, businesses should be on high alert for a different kind of fright lurking in the financial shadows: the eerie dangers of using preprinted checks. While it may not send shivers down your spine like a ghost or ghoul, the potential for fraud and financial nightmares is very real. In this spine-chilling blog post, we'll explore the chilling risks associated with pre-printed checks and unveil the solution of blank check stock offered by TROY Group products to help you shield your company from the specter of fraud. 

The Haunting Dangers of Preprinted Checks 

The difference between blank check stock and preprinted check stock is simple to understand. Preprinted stock comes with the MICR line containing unique accounting and routing numbers, as well as printed company logos and signatures already inscribed on them. Preprinted stock is a costly expense for businesses, and if stolen, preprinted checks can be an easy trick for check fraud.  

If a malevolent fraudster gets ahold of preprinted check stock, they're already halfway to carrying out their ghoulish schemes. All they would have to do is fill in their own name and the amount of the check to whatever figure they desire, which could be hundreds to thousands of dollars.  


How a Fraudster Exploits Preprinted Checks


  • Unauthorized Transactions: Pre-printed checks can be stolen or altered, leading to unauthorized transactions. Criminals can modify the payee or the amount, draining your accounts and causing financial chaos. 
  • Unsecured Printing: Businesses that use preprinted stock will often not have proper security measures in place to secure their checks, such as secure print devices, or security toner.  

Blank Check Stock: Ghostly, but Great 




The first step to exorcising checks from the clutches of fraud is to use blank check stock. Blank check stock comes just like it sounds – blank, with no preprinted information on it. It provides a blank canvas for each check, eliminating the risk of exposed information like account and routing numbers, payee name, signatures, or company logos. Because blank check stock can have any information printed on it, businesses and organizations can save on preprinted stock. 

Blank check stock has a huge advantage over pre-printed check stock. Not only does it automatically put security measures in place by taking exposed account information out of the equation, but it also has other benefits including reduced risk of fraud, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness:


  • Reduced Risk of Fraud: Unlike pre-printed stock, blank check paper requires the user to input the account information and company name and logo, making it harder for fraudsters to execute unauthorized transactions. 
  • Flexibility: Businesses often must change account information for themselves and for clients or may have multiple bank accounts or even multiple businesses. Blank checks accommodate these changes effortlessly, avoiding the need to dispose of outdated pre-printed checks or keep multiple different check stocks for each bank account or business. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Pre-printed checks often require bulk orders, which can lead to wastage if not all checks are used. Blank check stock eliminates this waste by allowing you to print checks as needed, saving you money on check paper. 

TROY’s Solutions for a Safe and Spooky Season 

At TROY, we recognize the importance of blank check stock, but we also acknowledge that it is only the first step in the process of setting your business up for a secure future. The benefits are there, but what comes after? Can you still be haunted by fraud even after you implement blank check stock? The short answer is yes, but TROY has a product line of total defense when paired together. 


  • TROY MICR Toner Secure: Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) toner is a key element in check printing. TROY Group's MICR Toner Secure ensures that the ink used in your checks is tamper-evident and meets industry standards. It contains a unique security feature, releasing a red dye whenever check washing or alterations are attempted. This makes MICR Toner Secure the world’s most fraud-resistant toner.  
  • TROY HP MICR Printers: TROY is HP’s only OEM partner, authorized to enhance a standard HP printer with security features designed specifically for MICR printing.

  • Digital Signatures and Logos: TROY digital Imaging kits provide customers a cost-effective, convenient, high-quality process of printing signatures, logos, forms and company graphics on blank check stock. 



Don't let preprinted checks haunt your business!


Don't let the financial horrors of preprinted check stock haunt your business this Halloween season. Protect your company from identity theft, unauthorized transactions, check washing, and counterfeiting by embracing blank check stock, and more of TROY Group's innovative solutions. Make the transition to blank check stock, fortify your checks with MICR Toner Secure, and employ digital imaging systems to keep your finances safe and sound. With these safeguards in place, your business can focus on treats, not tricks, this Halloween. So, be prepared to face the ghosts of financial fraud and emerge victorious in the dark, spooky night of Halloween. 

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