The Power of MICR Color Printing: Coming This Spring

Eric Howard January 31, 2024

TROY has been a pioneer in check printing technology, introducing groundbreaking advancements over the years. From designing the US Treasury Check to developing the first laser check printer to add MICR and introducing MICR Toner Secure with its patented red dye, TROY has consistently pushed boundaries and redefined innovation. Now, get ready for their latest innovation: MICR Color Printing.



The Evolution of MICR Technology


MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) technology has a rich history dating back to the 1950s. It transformed secure check printing by enabling information encoding in a machine-readable format, revolutionizing the banking industry. TROY has played a crucial role in advancing MICR technology, with innovations in ink formulations, printers, and software solutions, enhancing the efficiency and security of MICR-based check printing. With MICR Color printing, we are taking it a step further. 



Introducing MICR Color Printing


Imagine checks that not only serve their financial purpose but also reflect your brand identity with vibrant color logos and elements. With MICR Color Printing, TROY is set to change the way our customers perceive and use checks. Now with this this TROY printer, businesses can incorporate colorful branding directly onto their checks, offering endless customization possibilities. This feature elevates checks from financial documents to compelling representations of brand identity. 


Rejected Check (2)


Revolutionary New Features


Unmatched Speed and Performance:

TROY's MICR Color Printer offers lightning-fast printing, enhancing productivity. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to speed and accuracy. 


Unparalleled Security and Fraud Prevention: 

Rest easy knowing that your checks are protected by the most advanced security measures out there. Our ink absorbs  and ensures that the text on your checks is securely embedded into the paper, making it virtually impossible to alter or tamper with.  

Simplified Check Production:

Gone are the days of using pre-printed stock. Create visually stunning checks that align with your brand image make a lasting impression without having to order expensive and fraud-prone checks with your information printed on them.


Seamless Integration and Flexibility:

We understand the importance of a smooth transition, which is why our MICR Color Inkjet Printing solution seamlessly integrates into your existing check printing workflows and software systems. With the ability to configure the printer in clusters, you have complete flexibility to scale your printing operations based on your specific requirements. 


Effortless Reprints and White Paper Manufacturing: 

Our MICR Color Inkjet allows for effortless reprints and supports white paper manufacturing, transforming plain paper into full-color printouts with ease. 


The Future of MICR Printing is Here


Spring 2024 will see the launch of TROY's MICR Color Printing, marking a new era in check printing. Prepare to unlock the true potential of MICR Color Printing with unparalleled branding, security, and customization options. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey with TROY!

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