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The Power of MICR Color Printing: Coming This Spring

TROY has been a pioneer in check printing technology, introducing groundbreaking advancements over the years. From designing the US Treasury Check to developing the first laser..

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Why Pitney Bowes Over Quadient Is the Right Choice for Mailing

In the dynamic landscape of commerce, selecting the optimal partner for your mailing solutions is a decision that carries weight. The choice you make can have far-reaching..

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Industry 4.0 in Banking: The Future of Digital Transformation 

Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, represents a monumental shift in the functioning of various industries. This transformative concept combines the..

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TROY Group: A Year in Review – 2023 

In the dynamic world of secure document solutions, adaptability and forward-thinking are paramount. At TROY Group, we have continually proven our commitment to these principles,..

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Simplifying Medication Interactions

Navigating the complex world of pharmaceuticals can be a daunting task. Even healthcare professionals sometimes feel overwhelmed with medical jargon, intricate terminology, and..

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The Hybrid Future: Advantages of a Blended Prescription Approach

As the healthcare industry undergoes a digital transformation, electronic solutions for prescription printing are emerging as efficient prescription printing software. This..

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The Role of Printed Prescriptions: Legal and Regulatory Considerations

While electronic prescriptions are gaining popularity, it is essential to understand the legal and regulatory considerations that contribute to the continued use of printed..

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Check Printing: Analyzing the Hidden Dangers within its Murky Waters

Individuals and businesses managing payrolls, issuing checks, and tellers must successfully navigate through the murky waters of the financial sector to avoid its hidden dangers...

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The Evolution of Prescription Workflows: From Handwritten to Electronic

Prescription workflows have evolved remarkably, shifting from handwritten scripts to fully electronic solutions. The need for increased efficiency has driven this transition,..

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