Secure Check Printing in the Modern Era: Moving Beyond Secure 32

The check printing software market is in a period of transition. With 2024 already here, companies are wondering how to scale up and remain secure while adhering to the required MICR standards. 

The discontinuation of Secure 32 and other financial applications like Create-A-Check means that enterprises and government agencies must begin the search for a dependable solution to print checks and manage payrolls. Also, the need to secure checks and other financial documents amidst an increasingly fraud-prone landscape is crucial to the success of today’s enterprises spread across every industrial sector.

Although alternatives to Secure 32 exist, ensuring your organization puts security at the forefront of its check printing process alongside other user-friendly features are crucial requirements to consider when choosing check printing software.

This post will provide a list of features you should consider when choosing check printing software. It’ll also showcase TROY's AssurePay solution and how it helps secure your checks from fraud and streamline financial management processes.


A Comprehensive Checklist to Choosing Check Printing Software

A turnkey check printing solution should also serve as a financial management platform with the following features:


  1. Customizable Check Printing - Having the flexibility to print checks according to your business's transactional requirements is crucial when selecting check printing software. The software you choose should support customizable check printing options that align with your needs and the volume of checks you anticipate.

  2. Secure, trusted solution – The check security statistics are in and they’re not encouraging. 680,000 incidents of check fraud were reported in 2022 and the number is expected to increase in 2023. Hence, your business needs check printing software that guarantees security and drastically reduces fraud by reducing chain of custody protocols, automatic server updates, and utilizing blank check stock. 

  3. Ease of use – Using check printing software should be an intuitive process that does not require any extensive training or technical support. Ease of use features such as cloud-based support, the use of non-proprietary supplies, customizable templates, and payroll processing features streamline the financial management process.

  4. Compatibility with third-party accounting platforms – In scenarios where your business uses other digital financial solutions to manage accounting, choosing check printing software that supports third-party platforms is crucial to avoiding errors and labor-intensive activities.

  5. Responsive technical support – User-friendly and intuitive interfaces simplify usage but in situations where support may be required, it is important to work with a service provider backed by an experienced and responsive technical team. 


Diving into TROY's AssurePay check printing solution




AssurePay is a cloud-based check printing software built to digitally sign checks, offer increased security to prevent fraud, and to supports financial management processes. The check printing software offers you two separate editions – Teller, for banks and credit unions, and Check for medium to large corporations – to meet your business’s unique requirements.

AssurePay Teller Edition is designed for use by banks and credit unions to automate data entry and to securely print teller documents for customers while they wait. AssurePay Check is designed to print checks on-demand for your customers and to manage multiple accounts through its centralized system.  Your business can utilize the Teller Edition or Check addition to print checks on demand hence eliminating the security challenges that come with printing money orders on preprinted stock. The on-demand check printing process ensures consistency and is built with extensive authorization features to ensure traceability and accountability for issued checks.

AssurePay Check also serves as a solution that eliminates the security challenges associated with Secure 32 and other check printing systems by integrating signature controls and personalized features that enable tracking. Examples include the layered integration of your business’s watermark into the documents issued to customers. Integrating watermarks reduces the risk of document manipulation and recreation by fraudulent entities.

The security features ensure that all payments can be traced back to the issuer when confirmation of a check’s authenticity is required. Another important feature to consider is the access to handle check-related activities and manage your account on the go. The cloud-based app and its support for authorized remote access ensures you can meet your check printing requirements at need.



Analyzing AssurePay Cloud with the Checklist




  1. Flexible Check Printing - AssurePay Check offers a range of subscription tiers that limit the number of checks printable, from 10,000 to 100,000 within standard subscription tiers, and even greater limits with custom subscription packages. This ensures that you can manage your check printing volume effectively within the chosen subscription tier.

  2. Enhanced Security – Security features integrated into AssurePay includes an automated security update framework to ensure the software is always secure, signature controls, custom templates, and reporting/auditing tools to reduce human error, as well as internal and external check fraud.

  3. Ease of Use – AssurePay leverages the centralized services cloud computing offers. As a cloud-based platform, configuring, deploying, and getting started with check printing is a seamless process. AssurePay is a turnkey solution that supports the creation of check batches, reviewing, approving, and printing them using the application. Its cloud-based application ensure that you can also securely access and meet your check printing needs from the browser of any smart device from any location.

  4. Compatibility with your third-party applications – AssurePay Check works with most ERPs and file types including QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero* etc. The application also functions optimally when deployed on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

  5. Technical Support – TROY leverages over 60 years of experience providing layered security for checks and printed documents to serve the needs of its customers. Expert customer service providers are available round the clock to answer questions and meet your business’s specific needs. Our technical support team is US based, and there to take your calls and questions through normal business hours.



Get secure check printing solutions with TROY 


Estimates put the financial effects of check fraud at $24 billion. Although the financial loss for businesses is substantial, losing the trust of customers and your brand incurring a negative perception may cost even more. AssurePay can securely serve your business as an excellent replacement for Secure 32 and all your check/document printing requirements.

The cloud-based application offers you a secure, centralized system to manage multiple accounts and signers with ease. It also ensures traceability and accountability for every check issued under your brand’s name. The streamlined services AssurePay offers will reduce the total overhead cost associated with printing your checks and teller documents. Unlock the security and benefits AssurePay offers by registering today.


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