Secure Plain Paper Prescription Printing & Locking Tray Technologies at SeRUG 2017 Annual Conference

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We’re headed to Jacksonville, FL for Cerner’s South East Regional User Group (SeRUG) Annual Conference May 3 – 5, 2017. Located at Booth 34, we invite attendees to come explore our secure, plain paper prescription software, TROY Secure Print Enterprise (TSPE), and our locking tray capabilities for protecting preprinted Rx paper.

Meet John – Let’s Talk Before Fraud Occurs

Manning the booth is TROY Account Manager, John Weeks. With over 12 years at TROY, he is a wealth of knowledge and understands how to delve into clients’ pain points in order to recommend the best security solution. John points out, “Too many times, TROY is contacted after a breach has occurred. Whether it’s been theft, fraud or error, the damage is done. The issues these hospitals face could have been prevented by implementing a TROY solution.”

On-Demand, Printed Prescription Security at Booth 34

TSPE is software which meets or exceeds compliance requirements with significant security features, all designed to eliminate preprinted Rx paper which can put your facility at risk for fraud. TSPE applies industry recognized requirements to the printed piece so forgers cannot copy, erase, modify or counterfeit the prescription. TSPE technology includes:

  • TROY Copy-Evident Pantograph: reveals when any unauthorized copying or scanning occurs
  • TROYMark™ Variable Data Watermark: prints unique user defined patient and prescription data across the back of each Rx for alteration protection
  • MicroPrint: indicates text copy under simple magnification
  • Intelligent TROY Warning Box: makes authentication quick and easy

TSPE is already live in over 450 hospitals and integrates with most major EMRs, including Cerner. Featuring flexible deployment, TSPE can be deployed in your existing stand-alone or network print environment. With accommodating configurations, customizable security settings, and more, TSPE will help you stay compliant and fight fraud.

Locking Trays for Preprinted Security Paper States

For states not permitted to utilize plain paper prescription printing, John will also be showcasing our locking tray technology. Secure paper trays can easily protect preprinted paper stock from unauthorized access and removal. Contact with these documents can be limited to select personnel who use a key or have the combination to release the locking tray. Secure paper trays can also be used to regulate the chain of custody to protect from accidental interference while handling Rx paper. Each locking tray is covered in rugged, metal tray shielding to prevent unauthorized removal by blocking the back paper access point.

See You in Jacksonville – Or Give Us a Call in Wheeling

Make sure you stop by Booth 34 and talk with John even if you think your current systems are secure. We may not have a solution for you, but then again, perhaps we’ll be your new ally in the fight again prescription fraud.

And, if you’re not headed to Jacksonville, give us a call here in Wheeling, WV: 304-232-0899.

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