Innovative Secure ID and Document Printing Solutions to be Featured at ID4Africa

TROY to highlight on-demand, customizable overt and covert features to protect high value and sensitive documents from fraud, counterfeiting and forgery.

TROY Exhibits at ID4Africa 2017

We are very excited to be exhibiting, for the first time, at ID4Africa in Windhoek, Namibia on April 26-28, 2017. Located at Booth C25, we encourage attendees to come explore our print solutions which add layered security features to documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, passports, export documents, and any other vital document requiring security.

Securing Documents Means Securing a Social Future

This year’s conference, entitled Pathways to Digital Identity, is designed to, “give the continent a sustainable voice focused on identity management matters relevant to Africa. The primary objective is to create a platform for governments of African states to jointly explore how national electronic identity can further the economic and social development in their countries.”

Here in the United States we take birth certificates for granted along with the access that single document can give us. For countries in Africa, the lack of a birth certificate can deny a person (man, woman or child) access to government services, social benefits, bank accounts, and more. This all circles around to breeder documents (a document, typically a birth certificate, which shows your identity and can be used to open a bank account, procure your passport, etc.). A breeder document is used widely in identity theft and counterfeit schemes, enabling criminal activity.

In the case of Africa, and other countries, it’s not even identity theft. Thieves are stealing preprinted security stock, once thought to be secure and fraud resistant, and creating their own, brand-new identities at their home. They personalize the security stock as a birth certificate to obtain a high security passport. Due to these fraudsters and unsecure methods for protecting documents, governments are hesitant to issue birth certificates.

These issues go deeper than just birth certificates and ID documents. It affects cash payment invoices, shipping documents, and other high security, vital records. While this year’s conference is dedicated to digital ID, there is still a large need for securing printed, or temporary, IDs, along with check payments and vital documents at risk for fraud. This is where we, as the document security leaders, are looking to help educate and share our technology.

Fraud Resistant, Authentic Secure Document Technology

At ID4Africa, governments and organizations will have the opportunity to learn about our cutting-edge, secure printing technology and how they can ensure the integrity of high value documents, from check printing to breeder docs and passports.

Attendees can learn about AssurePay, our feature-laden check printing software, along with our MICR printers which allow for check printing on blank check stock. Together, with our proprietary TROY MICR Toner Secure, which bleeds red when chemically altered, these solutions will combat the fraud risks associated with outdated check printing methods.

Government officials and organization representatives most interested in layered, high security overt and covert security should stop by to discover TROY SecureDocs and the innovative TROY PageWide 452 SecureUV Printer. Technologies to be showcased include, 1) TROY Variable MicroPrint, 2) TROYMark™ Variable Data Watermark, 3) TROY Copy Evident Pantograph, 4) Standard UV Ink which adds a hidden ultraviolet agent to black graphics or text, and 5) TROY SecureUV Ink which prints color as either a text or graphic, with both inks fluorescing under ultraviolet light. TROY SecureUV ink is invisible to the naked eye under normal lighting conditions and fluoresce blue when exposed to a UV light source. These inks are developed in an ISO 9001:2008 facility, and to the highest standards. These proprietary ink dispersions and finished security inks are specifically formulated for each specific printer to assure optimum print quality and provide the highest level of document security.

Meet the TROY Team

Managing the TROY booth is Mark Bond, Regional Manager – EMEA, and Nabil Bengholam, Regional Sales Manager – Middle East. These reps have a thorough understanding of document fraud and how it affects governments, organizations and citizens. Mr. Bond comments, “I am very excited to be sharing TROY document security solutions with Africa. We see the need and are pleased to have the opportunity to help through education and leadership. We hope to come out of the conference with new ideas to take back to our R&D team, and new partnerships with the people of Africa, securing their future and helping them fight fraud. It’s important for organizations to move away from preprinted security stock and leverage the secure technology available now for plain paper printing.”

Mr. Bengholam remarks, “I think the organizations will see us as an integral ally. Not only do we have cutting-edge document security technology which no other company has, we are a proud HP Platinum Supplies Partner. TROY is the only organization– worldwide –permitted to enhance HP printers and provide our security toner in HP OEM² cartridges. HP printers are the world’s most secure, meaning hackers cannot gain cyber access through the print network. This, in turn, means TROY printers are the world’s most secure printers. From the printer to the physical printed piece, our technology provides security and ensures authenticity.”

Let’s Talk Solutions

To learn more about TROY Group, Inc., contact one of security representatives via telephone at +1-304-232-0899, email, visit, or visit Mark and Nabil at the ID4Africa conference April 26-28 at Booth C25.

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