Spooky Tricks of Cheap MICR: If It Doesn’t Bleed Red, It’s Not Secure

Have you checked your office for any haunting apparitions lately? You probably won't find any (unless you're using a legacy printer) but, there may be something lurking that's far scarier than any Halloween ghouls or goblins. That's right, we're talking about check fraud. This Halloween season, we're here to shed some light on the dangers of cheap MICR toner used for check printing, and why it doesn’t have the security needed to prevent forms of check fraud like check washing, and the solution to the issue: TROY’s MICR Toner Secure, the world's most fraud-resistant toner. So grab your flashlight and let's explore why this toner is the ultimate defense against the toner tricksters of the office world.


The Horrors of Check Washing and Cheap MICR Toner  


Check fraud may not be as chilling as a haunted house, but it's a real nightmare for businesses. While it may seem like an outdated form of payment as the world moves towards digital payments, paper check payments remain an essential part of businesses small and large. In fact, 81% of businesses are using paper checks in their B2B transactions. For small businesses who arent set up for ACH or EFT,  paper checks to help manage their cash flow.   

Paper checks are far from dead, but checks run the risk of fraudsters snooping around in the night, waiting to snatch checks and transform into their own Frankenstein's monster of fraud through check washing.  

Check washing is technique used to manipulate the MICR toner printed on checks. Through this technique, a fraudster uses household chemicals to wash off information on a check like a payee's name and amount to benefit them. This may sound like an outdated scheme, but check washing is back with a vengeance in recent years.  In September of 2022, the United States Postal Inspection Service pointed out the rise in washing schemes, citing that Postal Inspectors recover more than $1 billion in counterfeit checks and money orders every year.  
Imagine receiving a bank check with altered information or a counterfeit check that has been fraudulently created and passed off as legitimate. These scenarios can result in significant financial losses, damaged reputations, and a great deal of stress. So how do we combat these dangers that lurk in the night? 


MICR Toner vs MICR Toner Secure – The Difference Bleeds Through 


MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, and it's the technology used to print the numbers and characters at the bottom of checks. MICR toner is made using iron oxide, which is magnetically detectable by bank processing equipment. MICR is required by the American Banking Association, so any business that is using standard toner to print checks may incur processing penalties or rejections from the banks.  

MICR ink and toner are often disguised or misconstrued as a security feature because it is a banking requirement, but the mere presence of MICR toner does not make a check secure.  
Don't be fooled, cheap MICR with low adhesion can be scraped and washed off a check easily. Without up-front security measures in place, businesses are at severe risk for tricks like check-washing schemes.  

However, the solution lies with TROY Group. TROY’s patented MICR Toner Secure takes toner security to a whole new level. TROY Group develops each of its secure MICR Toner cartridges for the specific printer, understanding that print speed and fuser temperature differ from printer to printer and affect the toner’s adhesion to the paper. MICR Toner Secure is not only compliant with ABA/ANSI/CPA standards, but it also offers high adhesion and provides up-front security with tamper-evident red dye that reveals itself on the check if any type of washing or tampering is attempted. No other MICR toner in the world can “bleed” with trust and security like TROY MICR Toner Secure, making it the World’s Most Fraud Resistant Toner.  




TROY’s Trusted Solution – The World’s Most Fraud-Resistant MICR Toner:  


The security measures implemented in MICR Toner Secure isn't the only feature that make it a trusted and quality toner. As a company that has been in business for 60 years and has maintained a 30-year OEM partnership with HP, TROY guarantees quality through using rigorous testing, and HP OEM toner cartridges. 


End-to-End Protection: Because TROY Group is an HP OEM partner, MICR Toner Secure is the only implemented HP OEM toner cartridges that are compatible with TROY HP MICR printers, ensuring compatibility with respective printers providing security, quality, and overall, end-to-end protection for your checks. 

Rigorous Research and Development: With 60 years of experience and 30 years as an HP partner, TROY’s expertise in quality MICR is unmatched. Our in-house research facility employs skilled technicians who dedicate substantial engineering efforts to create every TROY MICR Toner Secure cartridge. The outcome is an outstanding MICR product characterized by exceptional performance. 

High Toner Adhesion: The high adhesion on MICR Toner Secure guarantees print quality and helps prevent fraud. Printed data is not easily scraped or washed without damaging the check paper.   




Don't be fooled by cheap MICR toner, make the right choice.


When it comes to toner fraud, there's no room for compromise. TROY Group's MICR Toner Secure is the ultimate guardian of your financial documents, offering unparalleled security and peace of mind. This Halloween, don't let toner fraud haunt your office—switch to TROY MICR Toner Secure and banish the toner tricksters for good. 

In the world of toner, not all heroes wear capes. Some come in the form of TROY MICR Toner Secure, ready to protect your financial documents from the darkest forces of fraud. So, as you prepare for a night of tricks and treats, remember that with TROY Group's MICR Toner Secure, the scariest thing you'll face is a shortage of candy corn. Happy Halloween! 


To explore MICR Toner Secure options, visit our online store.

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