TROY FlexPay Brings Innovative Payment Solutions to SHRM23!

What is SHRM23?

TROY Group had to the good fortune to attend this year's annual Society for Human Resource Management Expo. All the companies and people that attended were a pleasure to meet and the team that hosted the expo did an amazing job. We had zero issues, from start to finish everything went smoothly.

SHRM23 Expo is focused on providing HR Professionals with the latest ideas and technologies that impact the workplace and workforce regardless of industry. TROY Group prides itself on providing top class support and flexible solutions when it comes to making sure employees are getting secure, reliable payments so HR teams can focus on their organization's broader needs. It may seem a little out of place to talk about checks and QuickBooks payments at the SHRM23 expo, but we have had many HR teams talk to TROY about these very topics. Money matters to employees!


The TROY Team Attendees!

Bryce and Charles at SHRM23!

"The SHRM23 was a great opportunity to meet a variety of HR experts, I learned a lot about what our customers need" -Bryce

Bryce DeCastro and Charles Sanders from the TROY Group team were able to attend this year. Bryce is our Business Analyst Manager; he is also responsible for new business development and our FEDSLED expert. Charles is the marketing manager for our new product, FlexPay.

Bryce had an amazing time connecting with the organizations next to our booth and meeting walk-ups curious about what TROY can do for their business. Even though TROY Group has been supporting partners and businesses since the 1960s, we still get the opportunity to have a fun conversation explaining who we are and how TROY's expertise can be a game changer for businesses. This is especially true for SHRM23!

Bryce answered several questions about who TROY is that inevitably led to more questions about check/payment processing in 2023. You might think that processing payments is a dry topic, with little innovation, but there are several developments happening all the time. Take TROY Group's FlexPay solution for example, we created this solution in response to our small business customers that needed a better way to process payments in QuickBooks.

Between simplifying local check printing, ACH, and the latest Digital Checks solutions -- there is plenty of active development happening right now. Bryce was able to help several HR teams better understand the process behind issuing payments that will only help HR teams better communicate with their employees. There is so much to learn, and TROY is here to help!


TROY Group Helps HR Leaders!

"The SHRM23 provided a great platform for business professionals and businesses to have open dialogue on how the business climate looks today and what resources are available" -Bryce

The vast majority of HR professionals may not be directly involved with the printing of checks and processing of payments; however, compensation and payments are a critical part of employee experience with a company. With that in mind, it was great to have the rare chance to speak directly with HR leaders how the payment process actually works and how a business can make it easier for everyone. There is a perception that not much has changed when it comes to printing a check, that only the banks have any influence over the process. This is not the case! So much has changed over the last few years when it comes to processing check payments and securing various documents for your employees and customers.

TROY Flexpay in particular is a response to the changing times. Businesses in the post-covid landscape needed solutions to address their more distributed, hybrid, workforce and TROY Group leveraged our experience to help. This was especially true when Bryce met with smaller businesses. Often for smaller businesses the HR and outbound payments processes are closely related, it was great to discuss solutions to problems many believed no real solution existed. For many of our visitors at SHRM23, the assumption was that QuickBooks is what it is and they had no idea that solutions such as FlexPay exist to make the entire process easier and cheaper.


Last Thoughts on the Great SHRM23 Expo

We were expecting low engagement at SHRM23, not many HR teams interact directly with check payment workflows. However! They were both pleasantly surprised, many people and several companies were very interested in TROY and how check processing is evolving. We had so many visitors with questions!

On the other hand, we were not surprised to learn that many HR professionals at SHRM23 had no idea how expensive check printing and processing can be for companies of all sizes. More importantly, we were able help explain there are ways TROY Group can help to unlock real savings for their business. Beyond just a product to help realize money and time savings, TROY Group offers decades of experience to help answer questions and build confidence when it comes to managing the complex payment processing world. We were happy to be able to answer some questions from the many great people at SHRM23 that we had a chance to speak with at our booth!

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