TROY Group, Inc. Launches New SaaS Solution for QuickBooks That Includes Pay-by-Check and Digital Payments

TROY Group, Inc. September 23, 2022
Introducing FlexPay for QuickBooks
TROY Group’s FlexPay software provides convenient options for SMBs using QuickBooks to pay their invoices by printed check or ACH. 

TROY Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in document security and secure MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) check printing solutions is proud to announce the launch of their new payments solution.Designed for QuickBooks

TROY FlexPay integrates with QuickBooks, both Desktop and Online, and provides small to medium sized businesses with convenient, safe and secure options for paying invoices. Payment options include either the printing of checks in-house, digital payment via ACH, or TROY’s check fulfillment service. All options are available through an online, user-friendly interface.

Businesses that hand write checks or print checks on pre-printed stock displaying bank account information are leaving themselves vulnerable to fraud. A key feature of TROY FlexPay is the ability to print on blank stock, on-demand, thereby ensuring a more secure chain of custody. This is less expensive than buying pre-printed checks and eliminates the need to buy pre-printed checks for multiple accounts.


Flexible Payment Options

TROY FlexPay also includes an ACH service, and businesses that prefer to pay vendors by check through a hands-off service can take advantage of the TROY FlexPay print and mail solution. TROY FlexPay empowers QuickBooks users by providing both a check printing and digital payment all-inclusive solution.

“While businesses have certainly adopted methods of electronic payments, many business owners still prefer the control that comes with making payments by check,” said Michael Riley, President of TROY Group, Inc. “We’re proud to introduce TROY FlexPay as a solution that provides the best of both worlds …a much-needed bridge between physical and digital payments. “

Every payment with TROY FlexPay seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks. This is a two-way sync that ensures data accuracy across both platforms and eliminates the need for entering the same data multiple times.


Ready to Get Started?

To learn more about TROY FlexPay or to get started with the TROY FlexPay software, visit our webpage or contact us at or 304-232-0899.


About TROY

TROY Group, Inc. is a worldwide leader of secure payment and security solutions. TROY offers secure hardware, software and specialty consumables required for making digital payments, printing checks, and printing secure documents.TROY is the only manufacturer of MICR Toner Secure, the World’s Most Fraud Resistant MICR Toner™, a patented technology, which protects checks from fraud with an anti-tamper security feature. Customers include the top U.S. banks, key government and insurance accounts, and businesses of all sizes.


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