TROY IntegriCheck™ Adds Real-Time Verification to Reduce Print Errors

TROY Group, Inc. August 1, 2022

TROY Group, the leader in MICR payment solutions, is proud to announce new enhancements to the 6136P Production MICR Solution to provide advanced sequential authentication features. 

The new TROY IntegriCheck™ system has been specifically designed for the TROY AccurioPress 6136P to ensure check integrity and quality control. The built-in camera system actively monitors the print output and displays verification on a dedicated monitoring display. These added features verify the correct stock is used, and if the system detects any inconsistencies, the operator is alerted. By adding real-time verification, the potential for print errors is greatly reduced. 

TROY has also partnered with French software specialists 2J to offer a software enhancement that streamlines production print. This improved workstation software allows the operator to select sequences from any paper source and provides further advanced print management.  When printing complex jobs such as checkbooks, the 2J software will help eliminate the need for manual collation, greatly improving print project efficiency. 

An R&D Team Dedicated to Enhancing Our Print Solutions

In 2020, TROY partnered with Konica Minolta to produce a unique, high-volume MICR production printer enabled with anti-tamper consumables. The TROY 6136P AccurioPress MICR leverages KM’s long history of print innovation and includes TROY’s patented, MICR Toner Secure™ technology. Featuring industry-leading print output of 136ppm and high digital press production with 18,000-sheet max paper capacity, the 6136P MICR solution can efficiently create fully finished check books, payment books, high volume check batches, or any document at risk for tampering. 

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our check printing solutions. Since its release, the 6136P has offered our customers increased efficiency and improved security and this new system builds upon those advantages,” said Mike Riley, Executive Vice President. “TROY’s engineering team and our partners collaborated effectively on this latest addition and we’re proud to be able to offer our customers a print verification option like Integricheck.” 

Since release, TROY’s engineers have continued to thoroughly test the Konica Minolta based 6136p Production MICR Solution to ensure that it continually delivers high-quality, high-security checks. Logging more than 30 million prints on a dedicated test unit during development, the team at TROY have gained knowledge of the 6136P in a MICR environment that is unmatched by other providers. 

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