Why Address Verification is a Must For College Institutions

Nathan Cross February 22, 2024

One of the greatest challenges for administrators and businesses alike is communicating with their students and alumni. With each new semester, students relocate, change dorms, or transition to off-campus housing, making traditional mailing processes cumbersome and inefficient. It’s been reported that 30% of students are unaware of important updates, even as important as their own graduation dates.


This is all a result of the communication going to incorrect addresses. Without proper equipment for address verification, you’re flying blind as a college administrator. 



Similar issues arise for alumni. Direct mail communications with graduates is 49% more effective than email, so communications about donations, career advice, or just to stay top of mind are best sent with engaging postcards, brochures, or printouts. 

Not only is this frustrating for students, but administrators dealing with the blowback and consequences of not having address verification. This could lead to: 

  • Manual data entry errors leading to undelivered mail 

  • Difficulty in keeping address databases up-to-date 

  • High costs associated with returned or undeliverable mail 

  • Inefficiencies in processing large volumes of mail 

  • Frustration for students due to missed communications and delays 



Pitney Bowes Address Verification Hardware and Software




Enter Pitney Bowes, a pioneer in mail management solutions, with its AddressRight printers and ConnectRight Mailer software. These innovative tools revolutionize the way colleges and businesses handle student and alumni mailings by automating address verification and streamlining the entire process. 


Address Verification Done the Right Way


While the AddressRight printer allows you to print addresses on postcards and envelopes at high speeds while adding spot color to increase engagement and open rates, the ConnectRight Mailing software does the legwork of making sure addresses are updated and correct.  

ConnectRight Mailer integrates seamlessly with AddressRight printers, allowing users to access up-to-date address databases and automate address updates. By harnessing the power of data analytics, ConnectRight Mailer allows you to: 

  • Validate addresses: Validate addresses, including standardize address formats, correct the spelling errors and add missing postal data and IMb™. 
  • Get real time move updates: Update moves in real-time with full service 48-month NCOALink®, giving you a proactive way to reach prospects or customers even if they’ve moved. 
  • Generate USPS required documentation: Generate the USPS® required documentation, and seamlessly submit electronic documentation through Mail.dat™. 
  • Ensure updated data: Ensure the most current USPS® data available for address validation and postal reports, while automatically updating to latest version of the software. 



Choosing TROY and Pitney Bowes for Your Institution  


The benefits of Pitney Bowes' AddressRight printers and ConnectRight Mailer software extend beyond simplifying address management. Colleges and businesses alike can experience significant cost savings and operational efficiencies by reducing undelivered mail and minimizing manual labor associated with address updates. Moreover, students and alumni benefit from improved communication and timely receipt of important correspondence, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction. 

In conclusion, Pitney Bowes' AddressRight printers and ConnectRight Mailer software offer a game-changing solution to the challenge of mailing to college students. By automating address updates and streamlining the entire process, these innovative tools empower institutions and businesses to deliver mail accurately and efficiently, ensuring that communication reaches its intended recipients without fail. Say goodbye to the hassle of address tracking and hello to seamless student mailings with Pitney Bowes. 

Check out our solutions here: https://resources.troygroup.com/pitney-bowes.  

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