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What is a Breeder Document?

Written by Nathan Cross | Nov 9, 2023 4:03:42 PM


Identity fraud is a persistent threat in our digital age, and criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods, but there is one type of physical document fraudsters are after; breeder documents. Although an odd name, breeder documents are a golden ticket for fraudsters to create fraudulent identities -- but what exactly is a breeder document? In this blog post, we'll delve into what breeder documents are, the risks they pose when unsecured, and how the TROY Group's security solutions, including the security software SecureDocs Sentry, helps protect against identity fraud with its secure templating software.  


What are breeder documents? 


Not many are familiar with the term breeder document. It may sound like a document used to verify pet breeds, but in fact, they are the most important document a person owns. Breeder documents are authentic identification documents that can be legally obtained, which are then used as a foundation for creating other forms of personal verification. The most well-known breeder document is a birth certificate, but other breeder documents include, marriage, and death certificates. 


Criminals acquire these documents either legally or illegally and use them as templates to forge fake identities. Think about getting a driver's license or passport renewed, starting a new job, or obtaining a social security card. What do all of those have in common? You need your birth certificate to obtain them. Breeder documents being used to obtain these types of identification fraudulently give criminals the necessary credentials needed to steal or become another person. Acquiring a breeder document is one of the easiest ways a criminal can commit identity fraud, and banks and governments may not realize it's happening until it's too late.  


Identity fraud is a concern growing and expanding across the entire world. The FTC received 1.4 million reports of identity theft cases in 2023, with government documents or benefits fraud ranking at the top of the list with 395,948 reported cases.  But the U.S is not the only concern. Identity fraud is an issue all over the world, The region with the most alarming fraud stats is Asia-Pacific, with one in four consumers falling victim to fraud according to a 2022 report. 



The Risks of Identity Fraud in Breeder Documents

Identity fraud involving breeder documents poses several risks: 


  • Increased Credibility: With breeder documents as the basis, the forged identity appears more genuine, making it difficult to detect.  
  • Escalating Damage: Once a criminal has access to breeder documents, they can create multiple fraudulent identities, potentially causing significant financial and personal harm to victims in not just one way, but many. (link to other 5 ways criminals exploit birth certificates post) 
  • Legal Complications: Victims of identity theft may face legal troubles stemming from fraudulent activities committed under their name, making it essential to detect and prevent such fraud. 


How Security Software Mitigates Identity Fraud for Breeder Documents


Securing breeder documents like birth certificates should not just be the responsibility of the individuals who own them. With the rapid increase of identity fraud all over the world, government agencies that issue these types of documents should be trying to protect them at the base. Layers of protection and authentication need to be implemented to safeguard information for both digital and printed documents, so even a physical breeder document can never be forged.




SecureDocs Sentry: Protect your breeder documents 


Luckily, TROY’s software product SecureDocs Sentry does just that. SecureDocs Sentry is a revolutionary security templating software that allows for customizable layering of security features onto not only breeder documents but also tax records, academic records, driver’s licenses, and more.  

Government agencies that handle and print vital records can easily add security features such as UV watermarks, serialization, barcode scanning, and much more, to all types of documents. When augmented with these overt and covert features and smart serialization, printed information becomes tamper-resistant and difficult to replicate even by the most sophisticated criminals.  


TROY’s Document Security Solutions 


In addition to this revolutionary software, TROY offers other cutting-edge solutions for securing printed documents, through hardware and patented products such as:  

  • TROY Security Inks and Toner: Patented security inks and toners add a hidden layer of security to your high-value documents. Make authentication easy and counterfeiting difficult by adding overt and covert layers of security that fluoresce blue with the correct UV verification light. 

  • TROY UV Printers: TROY UV-enhanced HP printers can print the dynamic UV watermarks created in your SecureDocs Sentry template to paper. 

  • Fraud Defense Printers and Toner: Fraud defense printers come with key locks that disable print functionality when locked, and locking trays that protect valuable stock Along with TROY's patented fraud defense toner releases a red dye if chemical alteration is attempted, vital records are always protected. 

Secure Breeder Documents with TROY’s Solutions 


Identity fraud is a persistent and evolving threat, with breeder documents playing a critical role in enabling criminals to create fraudulent identities. Secure templating software, such as TROY Group's SecureDocs Sentry, is essential to protecting against identity fraud. It offers organizations the tools they need to create, distribute, and verify secure documents, reducing the risk of breeder documents being used as templates for fraudulent identities. By staying ahead of identity fraud through secure templating software, organizations can protect themselves and their customers from the far-reaching consequences of identity theft. 

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