Why Pitney Bowes Over Quadient Is the Right Choice for Mailing

Eric Howard January 8, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of commerce, selecting the optimal partner for your mailing solutions is a decision that carries weight. The choice you make can have far-reaching effects, influencing the efficiency of your operations, the satisfaction of your clientele, and ultimately, your bottom line. We at TROY Group understand the need to assess your present mailing solutions partner critically. 

In this post, we shine a light on crucial areas like: 

  • Technological innovation 
  • Operational efficiency 
  • Cost-effectiveness.  

Our primary aim is to give you a comprehensive view of the advantages that aligning with Pitney Bowes offers. This partnership can be a significant contributor to your strategic planning, especially considering the predicted postal rate hikes of 2024 and beyond. 


What is IMI Compliance?




Quadient's strategy is focused on fulfilling the basic USPS Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) Metering requirements, a tactic intended to draw in customers. But really, IMI compliance is a requirement that every provider of postage meters will have to adhere to in 2024. 

USPS IMI compliance standard will provide much more detailed real-time transaction data, enabling the USPS to automate operations, employ better security standards, and ensure correct postage is used, replacing the limited transaction data provided by the current IBI standard. By December 2024, the USPS will complete its transition to IMI from IBI, making IBI compliant postage meters obsolete.

Pitney Bowes, in contrast, positions itself as a beacon of excellence. They offer innovative solutions that not only meet growing industry demands but are also custom fitted to address the unique needs of each client, exceeding mere compliance. 

Pitney Bowes' C-Series technologies already adhere to IMI requirements. However, the core strategy of Pitney Bowes stretches beyond satisfying the basics — it highlights their continuous, customer-focused innovation. Their dedicated team of industry-leading experts constantly delve into new technologies, making Pitney Bowes a sector leader on the cutting edge.  

The unique methodology of Pitney Bowes combines understanding the specific challenges faced by each client, tailoring solutions to meet and overcome them, and offering world-class customer service along the way. They’re fully devoted to supporting clients through their journeys and viewing their clients’ success as their own.  


Revolutionizing Mail Processing with Automatic Feeding 



With customer satisfaction in mind, Pitney Bowes has completely transformed the concept of automatic feeding with its unique, pioneering features. The company's Reverse Separation technology guarantees efficient handling by averting jams and misfeeds, while the Angle Deck Rollers and active feed rollers contribute to seamless paper flow, substantially reducing the risk of errors and mismanagement. 

Unfortunately, Quadient does not measure up, lacking crucial functionalities like auto-feed detection and significant feed deck features. Deficiencies such as these can hurt the efficiency and accuracy of mail processing, potentially resulting in delays and errors. 


An In-depth Examination: Unmasking the Real Costs of Supplies and Payment Solutions 


Quadient frequently claims that its supplies are more cost-effective than Pitney Bowes. However, this claim goes out the window under close inspection. A direct comparison demonstrates that this alleged cost advantage is not as pronounced as initially believed. 

Did you know that Pitney Bowes is the only industry provider that owns its own bank?  This ownership provides Pitney Bowes a distinct edge, enabling them to extend a suite of unmatched benefits to customers, including the ability to consolidate and gain visibility into their total sending costs. 

Pitney Bowes' internal banking capabilities offer solutions that stretch beyond mere supply costs. They empower businesses with a comprehensive view of their overall mailing spend, leading to more significant control and informed decision-making. 

Quadient may claim to have lower costs, but a closer look reveals that Pitney Bowes' bank ownership brings unique advantages that extend beyond mere supply costs. The capacity to consolidate total sending spend, gain visibility into expenditure, and access unmatched service offerings makes Pitney Bowes a premier provider in the industry.  


Make the Right Choice with TROY and Pitney Bowes 



Choosing Pitney Bowes over Quadient is not simply about swapping vendors—it is about electing a partner that is invested in your success. It is no surprise that businesses globally are making this switch. With Pitney Bowes’ proven track record of delivering customer-focused, innovative solutions and the commitment of the TROY Group to facilitate your transition, choosing Pitney Bowes is undeniably a strong, strategic move. 


Explore TROY's catalog of Pitney Bowes models on our site.

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