Your Guide to Choosing the Best Check Printing Software

Nathan Cross January 5, 2024

In the fast-paced world of business, efficiency is key. One area where efficiency can make a significant impact is in the realm of check printing and check printing software. As businesses evolve, so do their needs, and having the right check printing software can streamline financial processes, enhance security, and save valuable time. 

In this guide, we'll explore the essentials of choosing the best check printing software for your business, with a focus on solutions like TROY’s AssurePay options for medium to large enterprises and banks, and TROY FlexPay for small businesses. But first, what is check printing software and what does it do?


What is check printing software?


Check printing software is widely used in bank and financial services industries for departments that need to print checks for accounts payable, teller transactions, or for a small business to pay their vendors. The software allows users to print checks using MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) efficiently using either blank check paper or pre-printed check stock. 

The best check printing software should have all the features you need to print checks securely, giving you options to scale up your volume and streamline your process for ultimate efficiency. 

Check printing software has been used for years, but many of the tried and true platforms like Secure 32 and AvidXChange Create-A-Check are being discontinued, leaving financial and banking professionals with a decision on their hands. What new check printing software should they get for their department? 


What kind of features should you look in check printing software?




When choosing a new check printing software, you should consider the features you need and become accustomed to continue doing your job well. But, you should consider factors you may not have had before that will make your life even easier. 

  • Cloud functionality: Using the cloud may sound scary, but it will save you time and money in the long run. Instead of spending money on managing and maintaining software, using a cloud-based check printing software will automatically update to the latest technology and servers.
  • Security: Security is a top priority in check printing software. Look for solutions that will let you print to blank check stock so you can stop leaving your company at risk using costly pre-printed check stock that leaves your account information vulnerable. 

  • Compliance and regulation: Robust reporting and audit tracking are key components for any financial transaction. The best check printing software will provide a system of checks and balances so you can stay above compliance.

  • Scalability: If you have multiple locations of your business or have the option to work remotely, you need to be able to print checks across multiple locations. This will increase your productivity in check printing volume, allowing you to work faster. 

  • Customization Options: Every business has unique needs. The ability to customize check layouts and designs is crucial. Choose software that allows you to incorporate your company logo, adjust font styles, and tailor the appearance of your checks to align with your brand.

  • Integration Capabilities: Seamless integration with your existing accounting and financial systems is essential for a smooth workflow. Opt for check printing software that integrates with popular accounting software, reducing the likelihood of errors and minimizing manual data entry.

  • User-Friendly Interface: A user-friendly interface is critical for businesses of all sizes. Look for software that offers intuitive navigation, straightforward setup processes, and responsive customer support.


TROY’s Check Printing Software 


check-software-graphic 2


There’s no reason to look for check printing software anywhere else besides TROY. With 3 options tailored to the specific needs of your business size or role at your company, our check printing software that include all the features listed above and then some:

TROY FlexPay: TROY FlexPay is an innovative cloud based accounts payable automation software by TROY that lets small business owners using QuickBooks pay their vendors however they want. After seamless integration with their QuickBooks accounts, users can use FlexPay’s intuitive platform to pay vendors either by ACH, digital check, a check fulfillment service, or print their own checks to blank check stock, a capability QuickBooks users have not had until now. You can customize your checks with your company logo and signatures, while 

TROY AssurePay Check: AssurePay Check is TROY’s cloud-based check printing software for mid-sized to large businesses. With integrated software security and the ability to upload check batches and print across multiple locations, businesses of all kinds can scale up their check printing using AssurePay Check, saving them time and money in the process.   


TROY AssurePay Teller: AssurePay Teller is a cloud-based check printing software specifically designed for tellers working at banks or credit unions. AssurePay Teller allows tellers to reduce customer wait times by printing starter checks, cashier's checks, and deposit slips, all from the AssurePay Teller software which can be accessed through the cloud, empowering banking professionals to leave outdated teller stations in the past.


Choose the right check printing software with TROY



In the dynamic landscape of business, selecting the right check printing software is a strategic decision that can positively impact your financial operations. Whether you run a small business or manage a large enterprise, choosing solutions like TROY AssurePay options or TROY FlexPay can provide the security, customization, integration, and compliance features needed to enhance efficiency and safeguard your financial transactions. Investing time in researching and selecting the best check printing software for your business is a proactive step toward optimizing your financial processes and ensuring the long-term success of your enterprise.

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